AHURAs brand-new album "Noruz" A New Day 

is coming out end of march 2019!

Hope you enjoy Rumis amazing poems and Mohammads inspired compositions.


Rumi the mystic, the poet, the ecstatic dancer was one of the great lovers of life and this unconditional love pervades every line he wrote, every poem he made, every action he fulfilled. But he was not only a poet and a mystic. He was also a man of profound knowledge of the nature of man, the nature of the self, of the unconscious world and the cosmic dimensions of our existence.


Rumi's deep insights, sources of knowledge, the real feeling of being connected with the whole, have allowed these compositions to emerge and develop. This shared enthusiasm for his poems goes far beyond intellectual boundaries and encounters a love that embraces everything, leading to a path of tolerance, compassion and joy.

May our sounds and the message of Rumi and the Sufis be heard by many people and contribute a little to a more peaceful, friendly and loving world.